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The spiritual power of incese

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The spiritual power of incenseThe magical scent of incense can lift our spirits and transform the energetic vibrations of a room. Since ancient times incense has been used in rituals and religious practices. Whether to appease the gods or enhance magic spells, it has remained a powerful tool for spiritual use. In addition to exploring practices using incense, you will also learn about some ways its use can enhance your life.
The burning of incense often accompanies prayers, invocations and spells. As the smoke rises up to the heavens it often represents the requests reaching their destination and approval by a divine entity. Incense is also believed to have properties that dispel negative energy. Burning sage or “smudging” to purify and clear a room is one example. The smell of incense can also bring about heightened sensual awareness and consciousness for the user.
Incense has long been associated with religious practice. It is believed that its use began in Ancient Egypt, eventually spreading to the rest of the world. Today incense is used in many religions including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Neopaganism to name a few. Buddhists often use incense in their temples and for meditation at their personal altars.
As the smoke rises up to the heavens it often represents the requests reaching their destination and approval by a divine entity.
Christians use it during worship to symbolize the prayers of the faithful going to heaven. Among Hindus, incense accompanies practically all forms of worship. Neopagans and Wiccans employ the use of incense in their rituals often to represent the elements and to create an atmosphere conducive to magic and the presence of deities.
Whether you perform any form of spiritual worship or not, the personal use of incense can help you in a number of ways. It can clear a room of negative energy and purify your space. It can help clear your mind and increase your focus during meditation or any activity requiring concentration.
In many cases it can help relieve stress and restore emotional balance. Many psychics claim it enhances your psychic ability and induces dreams. You can even use it to help attract love and abundance.
When working with incense the type you choose is dependent upon your purpose. If you choose one because you enjoy its scent that’s fine. Often we are intuitively guided to what’s best for us. However if you are working towards a specific goal you may want to consider using some recommended scents.
For cleansing and purification try Cedar or Sage. To clear your mind and enhance your meditation consider Frankincense, Jasmine, Lotus or Myrrh. If you want to relive stress use Lavender or Rose. For grounding and balance try Pine or Sandalwood. They also work well for healing. Vanilla or Spice is often suggested to help energize you. If your goal is enhancing your psychic skills try Anise, Frankincense, Lotus, or Myrrh. For inducing dreams try Honeysuckle, Jasmine or Rosemary.
To attract more positive things into your life Patchouli is an excellent option. If you are seeking love then you may want to experiment with Jasmine, Musk or Rose incense. For goals related to wealth and abundance, many experts suggest Cinnamon, Sage or Clove. Patchouli also works well for money matters.
The beauty of incense is that it is relatively inexpensive. It is available in various forms like cones, rocks, and sticks. In many cases you can purchase individual sticks of most varieties. What a wonderful way to experiment with different fragrances and powers!
When buying your incense also be sure to pick up an incense holder or burner and matches or a lighter. Once you’re set with your supplies, light your incense and set your intentions. Focus on your hopes and dreams while watching the smoke carry them towards the heavens!

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