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Vietnam joss powder, Vietnam wood powder, Vietnam T1 wood powder, Vietnam charcoal powder

This research investigates the wettability of selected wood species from Vietnamese community forests, jabon (Anthocephalus cadamba), gmelina (Gmelina arborea.), Manglid (Manglietia glauca), rubber wood (Hevea brasiliensis), and sengon (Paraserianthes falcataria). The study measures the contact angle and evaluates the suitability of these wood species for plywood production. Logs from a community forest were processed to convert into thin slices of veneer using the ro tary cutting method at a plywood plant. Subsequently, the study analyzed the wetting behavior of the veneer samples resulting from a rotary process on tangential surfaces without smoothing treatment with distilled water. The veneer was then made into plywood using an adhesive nanofiller of phenol formaldehyde mixed with wood bark powder. Ball milling produced nanofillers from the bark of jabon, gmelina, and surian with nanoscale particle diameter size (10–1000 nm). The bonding strength of the plywood was evaluated under c

Joss Powder VietNam - Premium quality

Joss Powder VietNam - Premium quality All types of JOSS POWDER (Vietnam Joss powder, Vietnam wooden powder, Vietnam charcoal powder, Agarbatti raw material) for MAKING INCENSE STICKS below: 16 cups | 18 cups | 20 cups | 22 cups | 24 cups | 36 cups General Information: Very good quality + Color: light brown to deep brown + Moisture: 13% max + Mesh size 80: 90% min + Packing: 50kgs/PP bag ; 28 MTs/cont 40, 18 MTs/cont 20 + Place of Orgin: Vietnam + Made from LITESEA GLUTIONOSA TREE, all is natural, eco-friend. Other products: Wooden Powder, Charcoal Powder, Mixed Powder.... | | | | | | For more details, best offer, please contact us: Hotline 24/7:, Whatsapp:(+84)94 602 6622, Whatsapp:(+84)97 677 6168, Whatsapp:(+84)94 702 6622, Whatsapp:(+84)94 823 9933


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