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Incense stick meaning

What is the speciality of Vietnam incense sticks and ASIAN in bringing about spiritual healing?
We advises continuation of conventional medical treatment along with spiritual healing remedies for the treatment of physical and psychiatric illnesses.
Readers are advised to take up any spiritual healing remedy at their own discretion.
1. Introduction to Vietnam incense sticks and ASIAN as a spiritual healing remedy
In our article on spiritual healing, we explained how spiritual healing can be done with certain specific fragrances. These fragrances attract specific aspects of God (Deities) and thus generate Divine consciousness (Chaitanya). This Divine consciousness enhances spiritual purity and also fights negative energies.
Through spiritual research, the Vietnam and Asian has developed incense sticks that are of these specific types of fragrances. That is why incense sticks are an excellent spiritual healing tool to increase the spiritual purity of a place or a person and assist in spiritual practice such as meditation and chanting the Name of God as well as fight distressing negative energies.
We have listed below some of the fragrances that are of most use to a majority of people in society and that have been manufactured by Vietnam and Asian to help in spiritual healing. Each fragrance attracts a specific aspect of God or a Deity. They are:
Jasmine (Chameli)
Vetiver (Khus)
Depending on the need of the hour, the specific deity or aspect of God that is attracted by the fragrance in the incense stick will display a saviour (tārak) form or a destroyer (mārak) form. For example, if a person is doing spiritual practice such as chanting and meditation and there are little or no negative energies troubling him, then the saviour form of God will be invoked. If there are negative energies in the premises or affecting the person, mainly the destroyer form will be invoked to fight these negative energies.

2. How does test incense sticks for potency in spiritual healing?
The names of specific fragrances with optimum spiritual healing capabilities are obtained through advanced sixth sense ability of seekers. Then these various fragrances as well as various types of each fragrance are tested. Seekers of God in Incense stick with advanced sixth sense (ESP) take subtle-readings of these fragrances. Each such fragrance is tested for its efficacy in spiritual healing.
Their subtle-experiences are noted independently and then collated. In all cases, the independent readings match and the only difference is in the depth of the experience. Their subtle-readings are then rechecked by reality. These checked readings are used to finalise the fragrances in incense sticks as well as the various nuances in a certain fragrance.
Vietnam and Asian further test this out on people who have been affected by ghosts. When the ghosts have manifested in people who are possessed by ghosts, we introduce them to the stimulus of these incense sticks. We then see the impact of various incense sticks with different fragrances as well as different types of the same fragrance. In all cases the fragrances and the types of a particular fragrance chosen by subtle-readings have proven to be the most effective in fighting with ghosts that have manifested in seekers.

3. Mechanism of action of incense sticks
 Refer to the section on principle behind any spiritual healing.
Incense sticks have been designed as a self-help tool in spiritual healing. As mentioned earlier, the specific fragrance in each variety of the incense sticks attracts a certain aspect of God or a Deity. The aspect of God invoked by any given fragrance is accompanied by the Divine consciousness corresponding to that Deity. This increases the Sattva and reduces the Tama subtle basic component.
The following is a drawing based on subtle-knowledge of a lit incense stick as seen through sixth sense vision.
incense sticks - subtle vision of its frequencies
3.1 Benefit of incense sticks compared with that of prayer and chanting
Incense sticks, prayer and chanting - relation
The above is the comparative benefit of lighting an incense stick and prayers and chanting. However as most of us do not have the ability of praying or chanting in a way so as to invoke the God principle, as an interim measure incense sticks facilitate.
Please note:
With regards to prayer, we are referring to prayers without worldly expectations.
Refer to the article on prayer with expectation and without expectation.
With regards to chanting it means chanting the Name of God with concentration and spiritual emotion.
Refer to the article on ‘What Name of God should one chant?’
3.2 Effect at an individual level
In current times there is an increase in negative energies which impacts people both at an individual level and at the level of mankind. We have explained this in detail in our articles on ‘Battle between good and evil’ and ‘World War 3 Predictions and Armageddon’.
Ghosts and departed ancestors trouble us by putting a black covering around us.
Refer to the article on – ‘Why would my departed ancestor want to trouble me?’
On average a person in the current era, due to lack of spiritual practice (that conforms to the six basic principles of spiritual practice), has a black energy covering of at least 4 centimetres. The average person is affected mainly by departed ancestors and ghosts from the Nether region (Bhuvarlok) and the 1st Region of Hell (Pātāl).
The drawing based on subtle-knowledge below shows how a person affected by a subtle (intangible) black covering looks when he is seen through subtle-vision. With this black covering, ghosts and our departed ancestors can create a number of problems in our life. These problems range from physical and psychological illnesses to marital and financial problems.
Incense stick effectiveness
At 4 cm. of black covering, the Divine consciousness from any spiritual healing remedy cannot penetrate. Incense sticks are perfect tools to reduce the black covering. Black covering is made by the black energy of ghosts and is Raja-Tama in nature.
By lighting incense sticks the Raja-Tama in the environment and the person reduces by 0.001% to 0.5%. The following chart shows how a reduction in Raja-Tama brings about a corresponding reduction in black covering.
Incense sticks removing black covering
The following drawing based on subtle-knowledge shows in actuality what happens when a ghost is exposed to incense sticks and the Divine consciousness generated from it.

Incense stick effect on a ghost
Regular use of incense sticks provides a continuous flow of irritation for ghosts until they finally prefer to go somewhere else.
The following video demonstrates the effect of incense sticks on a ghost. The ghost was possessing the person in the video. The ghost was forced to manifest by a spiritual healer in incense stick. In the video we see how the positivity of the incense stick causes intense discomfort to the ghost.

3.3 Cleansing of a premises
Negative energies residing in premises affect the residents in the premises. This may lead to excessive arguments, reduced decision-making ability or ill-health. People who have a developed, active sixth sense are able to perceive subtle negative pressure building up in such premises. This subtle negative pressure instigated by ghosts or departed ancestors or by the negative vibrations in a premises can have a considerable negative effect on its residents. The fragrances emanating from incense sticks are very useful in combating negative subtle-pressure and bringing positive vibrations into a premises.
A lighted incense stick emanates Divine consciousness in the form of Absolute Fire Principle (Tējtattva). This is activated by the Absolute Air Principle (Vāyutattva) in the smoke of the lighted incense stick. The activated Divine consciousness is emitted speedily in the upward direction in the form of a fountain. Then it comes down with speed and disintegrates the subtle basic Raja–Tama particles on the ground as well as in the atmosphere and destroys the negative energies. This helps in the spiritual purification of the premises.

3.4 Some practical tips on usage of incense sticks
Please refer to the article – Practical tips on how to use Incense sticks for best results in spiritual healing.
4. In summary
Spiritual practice is the best type of spiritual healing remedy.
Lighting of incense sticks is an excellent spiritual healing remedy for those new to deep prayers or chanting. It can also be used as an adjuvant to complement prayers, chanting and other spiritual healing remedies.
Usage of incense sticks on a daily basis helps in purifying the premises.

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