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What are incense sticks made up of

I ncense sticks are used by many communities in the world daily for performing worships and for special occasion. This Industry has long history and it can be setup with less investment. You require only low technology for manufacturing. Basically sticks are rolled by hands. If you can invest much money you can buy machines also. So do you know: What are incense sticks made up of? Now we will give you some following things to made Incense Sticks: 1/ Bamboo sticks - There are so many sizes 7", 8”, 9”, 10", 11:, 19”,…. 2/ Wood glue (Joss powder): Made from LITESEA GLUTINOSA TREE, all is natural, eco-friendly 3/ Charcoal powder - burning wood powder 4/ Stone powder: to make the sticks more smoothly and more heavily 5/ Perfumes - fragrance oils (for making perfumed sticks), such as: - Sandalwood - Jasmine - Rose - Mogra Just by using some simple materials and simple technology, you can do production of incense sticks easily.  That’s the reason why incense manufacturing

How to make agarbatti(Incense)

How to make agarbatti (Incense) ? ( P art1 ) Agarbatti (Incense) industry,or also called incense sticks industry has been long developed all around the world , especially in India, Thailand and Vietnam market,…In hindus and buddhists’ beliefs, the smoke that gets produced by burning an agarbatti (Incense) is able to carry the prayers’ wishes of worshipers and convey it directly to the Gods that reside in heaven. Manufacturing agarbatti (Incense) includes a lot of processes that demands the employees always be careful and skillful… One of the very  first  process is making bamboo sticks, the main material of agarbatti (Incense). Bellows are eight basis steps: Step 1 :Collect bamboos ( the trees that are not too old but not too young) Step 2 : split bamboos into smaller slats Step 3 : Dry them outside and under the sunligt Step 4 :Slice these dried slats of bamboos Step 5 : Use automatic machines to cut t

Nine Hindu beliefs

Lying on the foot of the great Himalayas is India, the beautiful country with long history   of millenniums age and diversity cultures. In India, more than 80% of the population  identify themselves as Hindus. Hence, Hinduism plays an important role in their lives. According to a lot of studies, Hinduism is the most oldest religion in the world ,  has no beginning- it precedes recorded history and   leads the devotee to personally experience the Truth within, finally reaching the pinnacle of consciousness where man and God are one. Hinduism has four main denominations--Saivism, Shaktism, Vaishnavism and Smartism .  An agarbatti or incense stick is a frequently used thing in Hindu religion and rituals. No prayer session in Hindu religion is completed properly without the use of these soothing agarbatti . The smoke that gets produced by burning an Agarbatti is believed to carry the prayers and wishes of worshipers and conveys it directly to the God that reside in heaven. Nine Hindu

Today everyone comes back to work after New year holiday!

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