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How to make incense sticks In the last essay, I told you about the first process of manufacturing agarbatti and today you’ll know the rest ! Moreover, after reading my two short writings, you will be absolutely able to make incenese sticks on your own. Process 2 : HOW TO MAKE INCENSE STICK (AGARBATTI) Step 1 : Mix powder What you need : Charcoal powder , wood powder, Joss powder (Other name : Glue powder, Jigit powder, Litesea Glutinosa) This is very easy , you can collect burned wood powder and grind its. Coconut cell powder or bamboo burned powder are very good to use as charcoal power for sticks.
First mixed the above materials to following ratio (formular):

Wooden glue : Charcoal powder : sawdusts /wooden powder =1.5:5
Mixed them all together and we call this is pre-mix powder. Add more water 50% of total mixing powder weight.
**Kindly note: all ratio is relatively, not exactly. Its depend on the quality of powder. Technical can try some ways to have best incense stick quality of producti…