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All types of JOSS POWDER

All types of JOSS POWDER (glue powder) for MAKING INCENSE STICKS below: 
16 cups | 18 cups | 20 cups | 22 cups | 24 cups | 36 cups 
General Information: 
Very good quality 
+ Color: light brown to deep brown 
+ Moisture: 13% max 
+ Mesh size 80: 90% min 
+ Packing: 50kgs/PP bag ; 28 MTs/cont 40, 18 MTs/cont 20 
+ Place of Orgin: Vietnam 
+ Made from LITESEA GLUTIONOSA TREE, all is natural, eco-friend.

All raw incense stick, incense stick best price
(+84) 946 02 6622; (+84) 98 115 8883(Whatsapp/Viber/Zalo)
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ALL RAW INCENSE STICK, BIG INCENSE STICK, ALL COLOR INCENSE STICK. - Size: 19" - Thickness of coat: 6 mm - Thickness of handle: 1.8 - 2.0 mm - Color: All Colors incense sticks - Packing: 50 sticks/bundle and 60 bundle/carton Information more: Web: | Email: | | Tel: (+84) 91 128 9498 - (+84) 98 115 8883 (Whatsapp/Zalo)