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Featured festival in India: Diwali festival, Holi festival, Ganesha festival, Ugadi festiva...

Featured festival in India (+84) 946 02 6622   (Whatsapp/Viber/Zalo)  |  www. 1. Diwali festival This is a traditional festival in India and also a major Hindu festival is taking place in 5 days to welcome a new year in the Hindu and also shows the power of justice, especially victory Lord Rama's heroic and Sita-wife before the bad guys. This festival takes place in mid-October or  November in the year. A man lit candles during Diwali festival of light The main event was held on the third day of the festival. Clay lamps are lit Diyas represents the victory of justice. Its glow spread gives the festival a different name - "festival of lights". 4th day is New Year's Day and is also considered the best day to start the new job. 2. Holi festival This colorful festival usually held every year on the occasion of mid-March, this is a unique festival in India's Hindu community. On the occasion of the traditional festival in India,